The data contained in are based on the shared vision and hard work of hundreds of people across the globe. We all want to see this collaborative effort continue and grow, and so we have a code of conduct that we ask those interested in joining us to first read and sign.


Data managed at are based on the shared vision and labour of hundreds of people across the globe. If you are interested in using these data please review our Code of Conduct at This sets out our vision of working together to ensure that we all grow collaboratively and sustainably. Please consider how you can contribute.

Completing the ForestPlots data request form below will help us to judge if there is any overlap with existing projects, and how best to develop the collaboration. 

Please bear in mind that we are a small and busy team and data requests often take 8 weeks to process.  If after 8 weeks of submitting your data request you have not had a decision please contact us. Due to resource limitations, is usually unable to support undergraduate projects.

Contact us: 

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